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A Century of Czech Freemasonry

This year, the Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic (VLČR) is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its consecration. To mark the occasion, the members of the VLČR have organized the Freemasons exhibition, subtitled Freemasonry through the eyes of Freemasons, with the aim of giving the general public an overview of […]

Totalitarian regime and inactivity

The Národ Lodge (among other Lodges) became dormant for the first time on October 14, 1938. Many Masons emigrated after this date. From the aspect of historical continuity, it is important to mention the activity of about 50 active Brethren from various Lodges contributing to Masonic works in London. Some […]

The reactivation of Národ Lodge after 1989

After the fall of the communist regime at the end of 1989, only 28 Masons lived in Czechoslovakia who remembered the temporary suspension of Freemasonry in 1951. Since that year, the Order was inactive. However, Brethren remained in contact. They were gathering in their apartments and preparing lectures. They also […]

World War Two and the Národ Lodge

At the beginning of 1938 all Masonic lodges in our country worked normally without any sings of that tragic September. The Munich Agreement and its consequences had an extremely painful impact on Freemasons. The situation was even more cruel for our Národ Lodge. Many Brethren highly contributed to the creation […]