Being a Freemason

Freemasonry, including the Just and Perfect Národ Lodge, is a discreet association of gentlemen, who seek proper conditions and support in the Lodge for their mainly spiritual work in self-development. The Národ Lodge is not a closed society; several candidates are initiated there every year. In compliance with ancient rules, current members have an exclusive right to decide in a secret ballot, which candidate is accepted. There is no legal or moral claim to become a member of the Lodge.

Basic criteria to become a member of Freemasonry are as follows:

  • a man older than 21 years old with a physical capacity
  • of good manners and reputation
  • with no criminal records
  • admitting a higher power (a believer)

The admission process of new candidates is not only a formality and can last for several years. If a candidate is truly interested, he shall read a recommended literature about Freemasonry and fill in the application form with an explanation, why he wants to become a Freemason.