The Just and Perfect Národ Lodge n.1 in the Orient of Prague under the Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic
The Just and Perfect Národ Lodge n.1 in the Orient of Prague under the Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic


Why is your Lodge named Národ? Does it refer to your national political orientation? Do you also accept foreigners?

Klenot Lóže Národ
The Národ Lodge Jewel

The origin of the name of the Národ Lodge is dated to the turn of the years 1918 and 1919, when a group of important Czech personalities decided to establish this Masonic organisation. Founding Brethren named it Národ based on the magasine of the same name, from whose editorial staff many founding Brethren were recruted as the reminder of their famous resistance activity during the WWI. As the magasine is no longer in existence, we do not even translate literally the name into foreign languages. We are, therefore, for English-speaking Brethren “Narod Lodge” without any nationalistic or national political connotations. Yes, we also have people among us, whose maternal language is not the Czech language. Although our official language is Czech, we have no problem to communicate even with foreigners in other languages.

Is/Was Mr. (engineer, doctor, architect,…) X. Y. a member of your Lodge? 

Our Order is a discreet organisation. Thus, no Freemason will answer you any questions about other living people. You can ask directly the particular gentleman, and it is entirely up to his free will if he reveals his membership to you or not. No rules neither forbid him, nor force him to do so.

A different situation is with Brethren who passed away. It will be sometimes difficult to find the answer as our register is not complete due to historical circumstances. If you do not find your answer at this website, website of other Masonic Lodges or in publicly accessible literature, then it is unfortunately highly probable that the answer is negative, although still partly uncertain. If you search for the activities of your grandfathers or great grandfathers and you do not want to get satisfied with this uncertain answer, it is better to contact a research Lodge Quatuor Coronati, which has most resources, thanks to its scientific focus, to help you in this matter.

You can find answers to other most frequent questions at the website of the Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic